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Xmas 2000


Once again we spent Christmas at home in 2000, though we had a number of visitors.  One of the reasons the pictures are going up more quickly is that we have a new Video camera, which takes digital stills.  So the quality may be a bit worse, but it's a damn sight easier!

Carter and a Lolly

First attempt with the new camera..Carter and Taylor eating lollies.   Obviously.

Taylor and a Lolly!
Carter Leaves Beer for Santa Carter left beer and nuts for Santa.  That's what Santa likes, apparently...honest!    :-)

The carrot is for Rudolph, and is about all I'm allowed nowadays.

Carter in the Kitchen Carter in the kitchen, posing on Christmas Day.  The kids loved it, so many presents it took about three hours to open them all.
Taylor in the Kitchen! Taylor likewise, posing in the kitchen on Christmas Day.  I included two here because she looks so damn cute... Taylor in the Kitchen again...
Taylor in Barbie Gear Taylor in her Tiara and Barbie shoes.  I'm surprised she survived the day, given the way these shoes were sliding on the kitchen floor...
Taylor in Bunny Outfit Taylor's bunny outfit!  She would only pose after I bribed her with a play on my computer, so I made the most of it.  Two fantastic shots here... Taylor in Bunny Outfit 2
Carter in Buzz Outfit Carter is Buzz Lightyear.  He worried me a bit while standing on the arm of a chair shouting "To Infinity And Beyond!" but didn't actually jump. Carter in Buzz Outfit The Sequel
Both Outfits! Buzz and the Bunny.  An irate Mrs Lightyear just out of shot...   :-)
Boxing Day The motley crew on Boxing Day at Cliff's.  Yet more food and drink <burp>.
Carter, Mark and David Carter with Uncle Mark and Uncle David.  Carter looks filthy, because he has been eating sherbert...hence the green tongue.
Taylor Hiding... Taylor hiding from particularly horrendous visitors at Christmas!

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