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USA & Caribbean, Dec 2000


From 28th November to 10th December 2000, we took a trip to the States followed by a Caribbean Cruise, as a large family group (12 I think!).  A great time was had by all, we visited some excellent places and had a lot of laughs...

Kitted Out! OK, the kids were thoroughly kitted-out and ready for their holiday!

Carter, Lauryn, Taylor and the one with the big ears.  And Mickey Mouse.  As you can see, Taylor is clearly thrilled to meet Mickey...

Disneyworld, Orlando FL USA, late-November 2000.

Cater in his Bunk Carter in his bunk.  He insisted on having the top bunk, despite our worries, and behaved himself in it for the whole holiday.
Daft Hats Lauryn, Taylor and Carter in daft hats.  Typically, Uncle Phil and Auntie Jill buy the kids foolish headgear.
In the Bath Phil and Jill had a fantastic cabin, with a large Jacuzzi bath.  The kids preferred this to a shower (as our less-opulent-but-still-very-nice cabin had).

Once Carter worked out what would happen with a bottle of shampoo in a Jacuzzi bath, there was no stopping him!     :-)     Just look a the amount of foam...

Taylor by the Pool Taylor by the main pool on the ship, MV Sea Princess.

She's looking all angelic (but it's a trick, don't believe it!!!!).

The Kids' Pool Lauryn, Saskia, Taylor and Carter by the kids' pool on the boat.  For those of you new here, Carter and Taylor are mine, Lauryn and Saskia are their cousins.

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