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Nazareth has been recording and performing their own particular brand of hard rock since 1968.  A highly original band (though often better known for hit single cover versions), they have written their own material and been (at times) hugely successful ever since.  Still touring and recording with two original members (both of whom are around 200 years old), Nazareth still produce and perform far more impressive music than most of the bands out there.

The Boys In The Band

From the boogie of Razamanaz to the metal of Expect No Mercy, from the rock singalong of Hair Of The Dog (so-called because the record label wouldn't let them call it Son Of A Bitch) to the hit ballad Love Hurts, Nazareth are always instantly recognised thanks to the characteristic vocals of Dan McCafferty.  Not to mention some of the best album covers ever...

There are quite a few great Nazareth sites out there, but to save me the hassle of maintaining a list of 404s there's only one you need:
The Official Site, Nazareth Direct    The Official Nazareth Site
This has everything you need: news, forums, discography - in fact, everything but merchandise.  They used to have CDs and tee-shirts, even a really cool one with the album cover above on it, but for now none of that.  Hopefully the merch will return soon.  In the meantime, check it out.

So what will I do here?  No point in reproducing the above, so I'll go for just a couple of pages to start with:  a list of rarities and bootlegs, and a little detail on the original UK video which was released in 1982.  Use the links below.

Naz Rarities ] Naz Video 1982 ]


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