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In 1982 Nazareth released a concert video in the UK entitled simply Nazareth Live.  At this stage not many videos were released commercially in the UK, and it is a measure of Nazareth's status at the time that they had one.  In fact, I could only find two worthwhile music videos in the shop at the time, this one and Deep Purple Rock Flashback (the California Jam concert).

It's also a measure of my enthusiasm at the time, as it cost around 40 then (and 40 was a lot of money (for a schoolboy) back in 1982!).

Anyway, the video was recorded at a concert in the Sam Houston Coliseum in Texas in 1981, and looked like this (click on each image for a larger version):

Back Cover Of The VideoFront Cover Of The Video

If you want to see a large version of the whole cover, suitable for printing, click here.

The big problem with this video?
It's Betamax, so I can't play it!  Luckily, until recently you could order a new version of the same video, Live In Texas.  Click on its cover below to go to Nazareth Direct.  Currently no merchandise is available, but hopefully they'll stock it again soon.  A DVD would be nice...   :)
New Version of the Video

Up a Level ] Naz Rarities ] [ Naz Video 1982 ]


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