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In a number of years of being a big fan of Nazareth, a few recordings have come my way.  Some I have bought, some I have traded for.  Some are legitimate, some not so.  I'm always looking, so if you have any recordings not listed here please eMail me and I'm sure we can work something out...

Click the covers for a larger version...

BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert, legitimately released by the BBC in the UK.

Recorded in 1972 and 1973, I haven't seen this around for quite some time.  The recordings are perfect and there's a good variety of early tracks.

No Mean Tokyo City No Mean Tokyo City, an at-best medium-quality audience-recorded 2CD bootleg.  Mainly recorded 16th May 1979 in Tokyo, with additional sections from the Marquee Club, London, in 1971 (even poorer quality).

The fascinating thing about this CD is its time period, as the Tokyo show is on the No Mean City tour, with a great dual guitar attack and some of the fantastic No Mean City songs.

Pity about the quality.  If anyone has a good quality show from the No Mean City tour, please get in touch.

Expect Razamanaz Expect Razamanaz, a bootleg out of Japan on the Gypsy Eye label.  Another bootleg concentrating firstly on the Zal Cleminson era of May 1979, but with seven of the tracks from 16th January 1987.

A good quality bootleg well worth searching out...

Tracklist here.

Razamanaz in Wonderland Razamanaz In Wonderland, another bootleg out of Japan on the Gypsy Eye label.  And another bootleg concentrating on the Zal Cleminson era.

A near-perfect recording from the London Hammersmith Odeon in 1980, this has some fantastic tracks from Malice In Wonderland (including a great Showdown At The Border) and a good hard sound.

This would have made a better first live album than Snaz (which I do rate highly).  'Nuff said!

Live In Texas, this is a CD with the unedited soundtrack of the 1982 video release (read all about the original video here).

Recorded at a concert in the Sam Houston Coliseum in Texas in 1981, the CD still has all the snippets of band interviews between the songs.  It's still well worth buying, though, and is of perfect quality.  Get it from Nazareth Direct.

(It seems Nazareth Direct have stopped offering merchandise for the time being, but check back there regularly as they may well start again)

Gatecrashin' Gatecrashin' Live 1983, a good quality bootleg,  probably a radio recording.  Recorded at Coasters in Edinburgh on 14th February 1983.

Worth having mainly for the more recent tracks from 2XS, this one contains cracking versions of Boys In The Band, Gatecrash (natch), Back To The Trenches, Love Leads To Madness and Dream On.

But why no Take The Rap?!?

Live (From London) Live or more often known as Live From London, this is an official release on the Song Planet label.  You may still be able to find it online.  A professional release of a superb radio recording, although the packaging is poor - mixes up lineups in the photos and doesn't give a date for the gig.

A top version of This Month's Messiah (titled This Month Messiahs!) is the pick of the tracks here, indicating that this was recorded on The Catch tour.   Also of interest is Ain't Got You, which unfortunately fades rather quickly.  Pick this one up if you can, I got it online for a fiver.

Unplugged At Sax Unplugged At Sax, believe it or not an acoustic set.  2CD bootleg recorded at Sax, Cumbernauld on 30th November 1994.

Fantastic stuff, just Dan, Pete and Billy performing a wide variety of tracks, including a stunning Guilty.  I must say though, that on this and subsequent recordings I hate what has been done to Simple Solution:  it seems to have gone from a dense, menacing riff to a jaunty, laid back one.  Ugh.

Curitiba Brazil 1995 Curitiba Brazil 1995, bootleg.  A good audience recording from September 1995.

Probably the worst vocal performance from Dan McCafferty I've heard, he really sounds like he's struggling.  Of all the tracks here, Right Between The Eyes is the standout, a little out-of-the-ordinary.  The Rankin influence, I guess.

Nazareth At The Beeb Nazareth At The Beeb, an official release.  I don't know if this is really well-known or not, as some of the records we get released here in the UK aren't available worldwide.  If you haven't seen this yet, get it, it's a cracker.  All the BBC Sessions and live stuff, great quality.

Only problem is, I hear the Rampant sessions aren't really the sessions at all...someone lost the tapes, so the Rampant session tracks are actually the album it anyway!

Sundsvall 1998 Sundsvall 1988, 2CD bootleg.  An excellent audience recording, from Sundsvall Sweden on 27th November 1998.

A good all-round concert, all the usual tracks plus a few from Boogaloo.

House Of Blues House Of Blues is an excellent audience recording from the House Of Blues on Sunset Strip, 16th March 1999.  A solid performance with nothing to pick it out really, but plenty of tracks from Boogaloo.

Unfortunately my copy suffers from an occasional jump due to a bad extract on a previous copy.  Tut.

Halifax 2000 Halifax 2000 is another good quality audience recording, from Halifax, Nova Scotia on 22nd June 2000.

A good show, but unfortunately with the proliferation of recent gigs available the only standout track for me is Please Don't Judas Me...we need a new album, and some more obscure tracks to be performed!

Tracks are here.

Live In Pardubice Live In Pardubice is a great-quality official live bootleg.  If you want to hear recent live recordings of Nazareth, the best place to go is Nazareth Direct, where I got this one.  Great Soundboard quality and the profits are going back to the band.

And, given the number of official bootlegs on sale right now, no need to go anywhere else.  Just a pity they don't have any older bootlegs available...

One warning about this very good CD...Simple Solution suffers from the same problem mentioned above.  Ugh!

(Again, it seems Nazareth Direct have stopped offering merchandise for the time being, but check back there regularly as they may well start again)


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