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To quote Jimmy Farrar:  "Molly WHO?!"

Molly Hatchet were, to me at least, the definitive Southern Rock band, even moreso than Skynyrd or Blackfoot.  Why?  The songs, of course.  From classics on the first album, such as "Gator Country", through "Boogie No More", "The Rambler", "Fall Of The Peacemakers", "She Does She Does" etc.  Hell, even "Take No Prisoners" (their worst album in the initial stretch) has the incredible guitar-led song "Loss Of Control".

Fronted mostly by the enigmatic Danny Joe Brown, Molly Hatchet carved a real niche in the course of their first six albums, plus their live album:

MH Detail from Double Trouble Live


BRUCE CRUMP:  As of this update (2nd November 2003) Bruce Crump, the original and best drummer with Hatchet, is being treated for cancer.  The details, and how to help, are outlined in the message below from his good friend Donna Trikoulis:
"I would like to add an update concerning Bruce Crump's continuing battle with oral and lymph-node cancer.
Bruce and his wife Nancy are very dear friends of mine, and with their 18 month old baby and another one on the way it has been heartbreaking to see this wonderful family struggle through the trials and hardships of this debilitating disease and all that it entails; including Bruce's pregnant wife working time and overtime trying to pay the families bills and keep ahead of their astronomical medical bills since Bruce has been robbed of his health and vitality and often doesn't even have the strength to play in his two church praise bands which he so loves.
The Mt. Pisgah United Methodist Church in Midlothian, Virginia has established a bank account for all the family and friends and fans who pray for Bruce's swift recovery and might like to contribute a monetary donation to help them offset their mounting medical bills and living expenses while Bruce is out of work taking treatment and fighting his disease.
Any contribution would be so appreciated and if that is not possible please keep them in your prayers . Bruce has remained strong in spirit and in will with God's help and with the support of his well wishers and is truly an inspiration to all of us.
Any correspondence including donations, cards and letters should be directed to:
Countryside Christian Church, Attn: Bruce and Nancy Crump, 3509 S. Old Hundred Rd., Midlothian, VA 23112, U.S.A."


DJB:  Danny Joe Brown had a stroke in 2000.  He is now recovering, but his hospital bills were staggering.

mh_djb_now.JPG (12699 bytes)

Against incredible opposition, Riff West organised a Benefit ConcertTHE CD AND VIDEO HAVE NOW BEEN RELEASED!  This is the nearest you'll get to see and hear the real Hatchet nowadays, so follow the link below and buy 'em!


Sadly, I've never seen Hatchet, and it doesn't seem too likely.  The band currently doing the rounds calling themselves Hatchet contain not one member of the original band.  They are a good band, and the three CDs they've released are pretty good.  But they ain't Hatchet:  not one member featured on any of the great Hatchet albums (except John Galvin, who doesn't always tour with them anyway), and they are only Hatchet at all because Bobby Ingram pays for use of the effect he has a Hatchet Franchise.  See a recent Live Review of this band, and an Interview.  They make a real effort to sound like Hatchet, but it ain't the real thing...this is:

MH - from Double Trouble Live


Cool Kerrang! Interview From Kerrang! No 86, dated 24th January-6th February 1985.

An entertaining interview with the guys (but mainly Dave Hlubek) by (and ) Xavier Russell.

The cover is by English artist Ian Gibson, who used to do a lot of work for English comic this cover was a treat, combining two of my favourites, Hatchet and 2000AD.    :)

Unfortunately, in this interview Dave Hlubek blames the failing popularity of Hatchet on Jimmy Farrar;  I don't think he could be further from the truth.  I think that the "Take No Prisoners" album was a huge disappointment, not because of the vocalist but because the songwriting was below par.

Mr. Farrar may have been a useful scapegoat, but as far as I can tell his vocals were extremely impressive from start to finish.

Links to Other Choppers... This Hatchet site not enough for ya????

Try few other sites.  They do exist, but not many good ones, and even the good ones are a bit chaotic...      :)

Hard-To-Find Hatchet There are a number of Hatchet albums which are hard to find - few of them official.  Details of a few of the available boots are here.

Also other "disappeared" albums such as the excellent "Danny Joe Brown And The Danny Joe Brown Band" album.


MH Interview 1985 ] Hatchet Links ] Hatchet Rarities ] Interview 2000 ] Live Review 2000 ]

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