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Praying Mantis


When I first bought Mantis' debut album, "Time Tells No Lies", I was stunned.  A record with such power and melody is extremely rare, and it's still one of my favourite albums.  After their appearance at the Reading Festival in 1983 the band disappeared.  I assumed they had broken up - they were always criminally underrated.

When I got on the 'net, I was shocked to find that they had released several more albums and done a number of tours of Japan since.   Buying these albums, much of Mantis' class still shone through, although none are as good as the first, except perhaps the latest album "Forever In Time".   There are also a number of bootlegs available, including the excellent 1983 Reading Festival.

The main source of information for this band is the official website at:
Praying Mantis

This is such a complete source of information that there is no point in hosting any content here!   Once you've looked at the site email the webmaster, Jon, who's an all-round good guy and an absolute Mantis fanatic.  If you have a question on Mantis, he'll answer it!

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