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Kerrang! 47 ] Into Glory Ride ]

Manowar - Hail and Kill!


"With Manowar there's no such thing as 'middle ground'. Once exposed to the quartet's sheer uncompromising musical bombast and having witnessed their unique presentation, the listener is faced with two simple alternatives. Join their hordes of admirers around the globe, or take a hike. Those with an open mind and a love of sheer white-knuckle power invariably take the former option and never look back, while the trend-conscious majority join the sheep in the next pen, doomed to spend the rest of their days chasing a never-ending procession of styles, looks and sounds.

Naturally, Manowar fans frown on such futility."

Dave Ling, from the liner notes on "Anthology"


Manowar...pretty much the most heavy metal band you're likely to hear.  Great songwriting and a unique sound.

Best stuff? Last release "Louder Than Hell" is excellent (although the singer, Eric Adams, doesn't put in one of his best performances, he's still better than anyone else out there). My other favourites include the first, "Battle Hymns" and "Sign Of The Hammer". "Into Glory Ride" and "Hail To England" are also also excellent, with lengthier and more epic songs than later releases.  Try any of these for a taste of real metal, or pick up "Anthology", a recently released compilation which should be easy to find.

Use the links at the top to see the real Manowar content here.  I ripped that off too, but never mind!   :)

If your thing is Foreigner and Journey...don't bother. If you want to try just one, look for this album, it's their best and a classic:

Cover to "Sign Of The Hammer"

You may have trouble finding this in the UK. But hey, you're online, 
try CD Zone, Amazon, CDNow or Nuclear Blast.


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A True Brother Of Metal, Steph, used to run a Manowar Email List called Revelations. The emails were put together manually, so no spam and no crap, just genuine fans of True Metal discussing Manowar. However, due to years of alcohol and substance abuse, Steph has been rendered incapable, so Revelations is now a Onelist...


* The Official Manowar Page is good, lots of links also. Try Dawn's page, that's about the best.


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Kerrang! 47 ] Into Glory Ride ]

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