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Hatchet Rarities


No Guts...No Bootlegs


There are a number of Hatchet albums and recordings that are hard to find.  If you find any others, please email me!

These are a few that I have found.  There are other songs which don't get a mention, such as a few live versions of "Crossroads" and the three songs from Hollywood 1981.  I have little doubt that there are others - there's certainly a KBFH (King Biscuit Flower Hour) from 1982 featuring Jimmy Farrar on vocals;  let me know if you have it!


mh_live_s.JPG (6528 bytes)

The first official live release, the Molly Hatchet Live EP was given away with promo copies of the first album.  Ultra-rare, this record was changing hands for hundreds of dollars at one time.  An early issue of Kerrang! Magazine declared this as one of the most sought-after rare records of its time.

It is a cracker, with the band turning in a great performance with a sound very much like that of the first album.  Tracks:   Bounty Hunter; Gator Country; Big Apple; Dreams I'll Never See; Trust Your Old Friend.

mh_live_s.JPG (6528 bytes) Recorded at the Reading (pronounced "Redding"!) Festival in England in 1979, and broadcast on British FM Radio.  Another great performance just after the recording of the "Flirtin' With Disaster" album.

Tracks:  Bounty Hunter; Let The Good Times Roll; Gator Country; Big Apple; Dreams I'll Never See; Flirtin' With Disaster.

Various bootleg copies are in circulation, but not available as a commercial boot.

Danny Joe Brown And The Danny Joe Brown Band! Released in 1981 after the bust-up between Danny Joe Brown and Dave Hlubek, the imaginatively-titled "Danny Joe Brown And The Danny Joe Brown Band" LP proved that DJB didn't have to rely on Hatchet to come up with some great songs.

This CD is extremely rare, as it has been deleted for years, but is well worth the effort of finding a copy.  Its best track, "Edge Of Sundown", even made it on to the Molly Hatchet live album "Double Trouble Live".

Full details of CD here.

Live 1980 Like the first album, a live disc was given away with promotional copies of "Beatin' The Odds".   This is it.  Recorded 31 December 1980 at Lakeland, Florida.

Six excellent tracks:  Beatin' The Odds, Few And Far Between, Penthouse Pauper, Dead And Gone, Double Talker, Sailor.

Jimmy Farrar puts in a superb vocal performance.  The only concern with this boot (often listed merely as "Molly Hatchet Live", as is the first promo live EP!) is that all but three of these tracks are also on "Astral Game", a recording of exactly the same concert with a much longer track listing.

A bootleg of this is available at

Astral Game... Like the previous CD, Astral Game was recorded 31 December 1980 at Lakeland, Florida.

Excellent quality and a great performance, this bootleg was released on the Italian "Speedball" label in 1992, and is rarer than rocking-horse excrement.  If you can find a copy, grab it!

Full tracklist is here.   The lack of professionalism in the packaging (check out the credits and the spellings of the names!) is not reflected in the music.   One of the good ones...

Try if you don't mind paying...

mh_live_s.JPG (6528 bytes) A King Biscuit Flower Hour (more like a half-hour!) recorded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1983.  DJB was back on vocals, and this is a fantastic recording despite being just 30-ish minutes long.

No fully-packaged bootleg of this is available, but it is available here and there without packaging.

This one's the real deal, a superb version of Bloody Reunion and a magnificent Fall Of The Peacemakers, alongside It's All Over Now, Dreams and Flirtin'.

Gods And Knights Gods And Knights was recorded during the US Tour in 1984, I believe in Orlando (but this isn't mentioned on the packaging).  Released in 1992 on the Best Beat label, this bootleg is once again very difficult to find.

One of the best Hatchet live records around, this one has a full 12 tracks, with quite a few tracks from "The Deed Is Done" and the unreleased (but excellent) "Rockin' Roll Fire", which should have been on "The Deed Is Done"!

Highlight of this one is "She Does She Does", a monster of a track from start to finish, sounding even better here than on "Double Trouble Live".

In case you're wondering, the first track ("Running") is actually "Bounty Hunter"!

mh_live_s.JPG (6528 bytes) The imaginatively-titled Hollywood 1981 (should have been Mollywood 1981!) is a recording of excellent quality of a gig performed for a children's charity.

Superb performance from Jimmy Farrar this one, and the best I have heard from this incarnation of the band.  Plenty of stuff from Take No Prisoners, but it sounds better here (except for "Long Tall Sally", which frankly I'd rather forget!).

"Loss Of Control" comes into its own live, it really sounds incendiary here.

mh_live_s.JPG (6528 bytes) Louisville 4-79 is a great bootleg, excellent quality sound with just a few small blemishes.  On Road Kill Records out of Japan, this is not in any way legitimate!

Of slightly less value nowadays, as it has almost exactly the same track-listing as the perfect (and official) Agora release - the only bonus here is Cheatin' Woman, but that is one spectacular song...

mh_live_s.JPG (6528 bytes) Reseda CA 1983 is a top-quality radio recording, from the No Guts...No Glory tour.  This one is almost the same as the KBFH 1983 (above) but beats it hands-down by adding What's It Gonna Take? and What Does It Matter?.  As No Guts is probably my favourite Hatchet album, it's great to hear these songs live.

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