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Hatchet Links

The website of Dean Crowder, Number One Hatchet Fan!

A bit chaotic, but this is the website of the Main Hatchet Man...he lives and breathes this band.

The Hatchet Mailing List is the place to go for real news on the band and its members.

BUT BE WARNED, this is not by any means a strictly on-topic list.  It's fun, but there will be 10 off-topic posts for every one on-topic, and there's no discipline in the quoting etc...   ;)

I still heartily recommend it, though, but perhaps take the digest to begin with...

The Molly Hatchet 
Webring It's a webring.

It's a Hatchet webring.

I'm surprised too...

Support DJB through his illness.

It's as easy as that.  He's given us lots of pleasure, he deserves some consideration in return.  Donations not necessary, just buy something you'll enjoy anyway!

"Official" Site The Official site.   Not the real Hatchet, but there's some pretty cool merchandise.

Can't see a link to the benefit, though...

Banner Thomas was the original bassist with Hatchet and is a quality songwriter (just listen to "Sailor", "Flirtin'...", "Boogie No More" etc. for proof of that).  He now has two websites of his own, one for Banner Thomas and the other for his latest band, Big Engine.  Check 'em out!
Scott's Site Scott Waters' Website has a bit of history, and lots of information and opinions on a number of Hatchet releases.  Can't say I agree with all of them, but it's an interesting read and well worth the visit.

MH Interview 1985 ] [ Hatchet Links ] Hatchet Rarities ] Interview 2000 ] Live Review 2000 ]

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