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Great White Rarities


Endangered Shark Species...

Click the covers for a larger version...

Live At The Ritz Live At The Ritz, Promo only, this CD contains live recordings from 1988.

Included is a cracking version of Zep's "Since I've Been Loving You".

For full details (back cover) click here.

Live In London Live In London, Japan-only release.

Superb CD, recorded 11th December 1989.  This contains songs from "...Twice Shy" which haven't appeared live elsewhere, e.g. "Move It" and "Heart The Hunter".

Plus a fantastic version of "On Your Knees" with a great introduction by Mr Russell...    :)

If you want to see one of the excellent photo pages from the booklet, click here.

Live At The Marquee Live At The Marquee, this CD was given away "free" with the third UK version of "Twice Shy".

An excellent live recording from December 1987 at the Marquee Club in London.  It's very much a "Shot In The Dark" affair and contains the only live recording I've heard of "Is Anybody There", which is even more effective in the live environment (as if there was any doubt of that with Great White!).   The pain and loneliness in Jack Russell's voice is just stunning...

The version of "...Twice Shy" that this CD was given away with also contained two bonus tracks:  "Bitches And Other Women" (a medley) and a song Great White would never play again, "Wasted Rock Ranger".

Or maybe they would...   :)

The Blue EP The Blue EP, Japan-only release.

These EPs have become more common in Japan, as singles are rarely/never released in Japan, so the record companies gather the b-sides together and release them on an EP, priced like an album.

Six tracks on this EP, only four new, all of which are covers.  So why would you shell out much money for an import?  Well, it's the quality of the cover versions.

Dispensing with "Down At The Doctor" which is a song I dislike (although this is certainly a very Great White version of the song!), we are left with three blues songs which justify that high price!

"The Hunter" you should know from the Free version.  Imagine that with Jack Russell on it?

"Train To Nowhere" is a harsh warning about the dangers of drug addiction (at least that's the way I see it!), delivered in such a laid-back, easy groove that it's way too easy to forget the dangers of which it speaks.   Which is the whole point I guess...

"Weak Brain And Narrow Mind" is the pick of the bunch, an old Willie Dixon tune (which is unsurprising given the band's love of Zeppelin).   Slow and haunting, the song spells out the simplicities of life with such a simple acoustic riff and vocal line that it leaves me listening with eyes closed, giving it my full attention, every time...

In case I didn't make it obvious, although this one may seem a rip-off, you should grab a copy any way you can.

Live In New York Live In New York, given away with the Japanese version of "Hooked".  Recorded 31 May 1991 at Electric Ladyland Studios.

This is a weird one.  Excellent songs, including the four new songs from "The Blue EP" plus some other excellent tracks.  There is obviously only a small crowd, and the whole vibe of the show is very laid-back, not the intense experience of a normal Great White concert.  But this is excellent, no doubts, every GW fan should have a copy of this one...

Especially for the live "Weak Brain And Narrow Mind".  Did I mention that I like that one?

A warning here:  there is an Italian bootleg available called "Big Blues" (sometimes referred to as "Bog Blues").  This is the same gig as "Live In NY" so avoid it if you already have the official version.  If you don't, and can't get "Live In NY", "Big Blues" is a good recording and has good packaging for a boot (although not as good as "Live In NY", naturally).  You should be able to get it at one of the Japanese Online CD Stores.

Live In Denver Live In Denver, bootleg from the "Sail Away" tour.  This is a radio recording, and is being traded but not commercially available.

Very good quality, this is notable for the inclusion of a few "Sail Away" tracks, such as "Gone With The Wind" and "Sail Away".  Well worth having if you can track it down.

I have to admit responsibility for the cover pictured here.   I got the CD without cover and created this monstrosity...   :)     I like to think that my design abilities have improved since!
For full track listing (i.e. my equally poor back cover!) click here.

Somethin' Smells Fishy Something Smells Fishy, bootleg.  Contains all those rare tracks that it would cost you a fortune to collect, if indeed you could collect them at all.

From "Slow Ride" through to the tracks from "The Blue EP", all the way to "Burnin' House Of Love" (the bonus track on the Japanese "Let It Rock"), this one has them all.  It also includes the tracks from AC/DC and Rush tributes and some dodgy stuff Jack did in 1985.   This is a superb album, let down only by the fact that it's now outdated - the bonus track on the Japanese version of "Can't Get There From Here" assures that...   ;)

For full track details (back cover) click here.

The ORIGINAL Great Zeppelin! Great Zeppelin, the initial 2CD bootleg version.   This is on the BIO label, which seems to be affiliated with Lost Horizons.

With the release of the official "Great Zeppelin" there are only three reasons why this bootleg is still valid:

  1. Good Times Bad Time
  2. Nobody's Fault But Mine
  3. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

Whether these three songs are worth shelling out all that money is questionable, especially as this has the most basic packaging I've ever seen, even for a bootleg.  For full track details (back cover) click here.

Happy Birthday Big Daddy Happy Birthday Big Daddy, 2CD bootleg.  This is a cracking live recording from the "Let It Rock" tour with the appropriate line-up.

Excellent quality apart from a few clicks, some "Let It Rock" songs get to shine in the live environment.  "Hand On The Trigger" and "My World" certainly shine here.

Top-quality performance, which is no great surprise.   For full details (back cover) click here.

Jaxx Bootleg Burning At Jaxx, CDR bootleg.   Recorded 29th June 1996 at the Jaxx Nightclub, Springfield VA.  So they probably got a lot of fans in from Shelbyville too...    ;)

To my ears this sounds like an Audience recording, not great but quite listenable.  Way too much bottom end.  The covers (i.e. packaging) are really terrible, I think someone knocked them out using a "Speak 'n' Spell" computer or something!

For full track details (back cover) click here.  Note that the first song, listed as "Train To Nowhere", is actually "Fast Road".  A little mode-of-transport mix-up there...   :)

Another Jaxx Bootleg! Bitten At Jaxx, CDR bootleg.  Clearly recorded by the same enterprising soul who put out the CD above!  Same quality of sound and packaging as the above too...

This was also obviously recorded at Jaxx, on 14th February 1997.  Once again a great gig (what else would it be?), and worth having, but if you are only getting one bootleg from this period "Happy Birthday Big Daddy" is far better quality.

For full details (back cover) click here.

Blues 'n' Boogie Tour Blues 'n' Boogie Tour is a bit crap really, a promo for a tour with two other bands.  Only two songs from Great White, and these are just the standard versions.

For sad obsessives only!

Back Tracks is a Promo-only compilation, designed to increase sales back when Columbia still cared.

Not exactly a must-have this one, seven tracks only that you will already have many times over (or at least you should have!).

Hooked In Osaka Hooked In Osaka is a fantastic live bootleg, even if the quality leaves a little to be desired.  The tracks include the otherwise-unheard "Gotta Have A Woman Like You" and a storming live version of AC/DC's "Sin City".  4th May 1990.  Another of my covers...  If you've never heard the Zeppelin-like intro to "Mista Bone" you're in for a treat!

At least you are if you can find a copy...    :)

Live In Anaheim (NOT the Sail Away one!) Live In Anaheim was given away as a bonus CD with Sail Away.  However, this Live In Anaheim is a radio-only promo of the same gig, with some different tracks.

Great quality, when I got it I also got some fascinating notes with it, which were obviously the notes/running order given to the DJ along with the CD.  Great stuff, the tracks remain as they were for the original radio CD...

Kalamazoo 1999 Kalamazoo 29/06/1999 is an audience recording taken on the Poison/Ratt/GW tour (yeah, I can't see why GW weren't top of the bill either!).

Not a great quality recording, but the band are brilliant despite only playing eight tracks.  This is the most recent usable recording I have, but who cares?  February 2000 sees the Euro Tour, only three months late, and I'll see them at least twice!     :)

Kalamazoo 1999 Beachfest 1994 is a great-quality radio recording from 1st May 1994 in California.  Also added are two songs recorded live on the "Late Show" plus the cover version of AC/DC's Sin City.
The best feature of this boot?  Undoubtedly the top-class live Beachfest version of Neil Young's Rockin' In The Free World.

If you're wondering why I have stopped adding CD booklet details at this point, it's because lately the booklets have been either non-existent or so poor that I have replaced them.  You don't need to see my variations on the same cover!

Kalamazoo 1999 Come Sail Away, a reasonable radio recording from Medina, Minnesota on 18th September 1997.  Let It Rock tour, with a very early pre-release version of Hey Mister.   Other highlights are Gone With The Wind and Hand On The Trigger.
Kalamazoo 1999 France 1999, a good-quality audience recording from "Le Plan" in Ris Orangis, France on 5th May 1999.  2 CDs, this one contains a few Zep tracks plus good versions of Wooden Jesus and Rollin' Stoned.
The highlight here is the cover version, Rain, originally done by Johnny Winter - great blues playing from Kendall!
Kalamazoo 1999 Myrtle Beach.  Recorded at the Hurricane Floyd Benefit Concert in Myrtle Beach, SC, on 2nd October 1999.  A short set but a near-perfect radio recording, from which I have removed the damned annoying adverts.
Certainly one worth having...
Radio Bites Cover Radio Bites is a radio-only promo, obviously used to push the Rollin' Stoned single in the US - insert blurb is here.  Pity all four of the other tracks are just studio versions of the old Columbia songs!

Obsessives only need search it out.

Kalamazoo 1999 Rolling Stoned In Detroit, a medium-quality audience recording from 21st August 1999.
Notable for the rare inclusion of Lady Red Light (no doubt written about a careless female motorist), this CD founders in the middle due to a lengthy drum solo and jam session.  I know Audie is a great drummer (just listen to him fill Bonham's shoes on Great Zeppelin), but it is apparent that Jack is just taking too much of a break nowadays.

Cracking version of Desert Moon though!

Kalamazoo 1999 Psycho In Milwaukee.  Good radio recording from Milwaukee, WI on the Psycho City tour.  Some of the songs here aren't on many other live recordings, e.g. Heart The Hunter, Step On You, Big Goodbye.  These make this a worthwhile bootleg.
Frankfurt 2000 Frankfurt 2000.  This is an excellent quality audience recording from Frankfurt, Germany on 9th April 2000.  Worth having for the interesting inclusion of Lovin' Kind.  Tracklist here.
Also interesting as a live recording of the band with Matt Johnson on guitar (and vocals on Voodoo Child), who toured with Great White after Mark Kendall's departure over the whole "Milli Vanilli" episode.
Ripoff Ritz! Live At The Ritz.  Yeah, I know we had a Live At The Ritz at the top of the page (for those of you still awake!), but a new bootleg version has appeared.  This doesn't have the same original packaging, but I have seen it sold as having the full Ritz set, ten tracks as opposed to the original six.  Sadly, this is incorrect, the additional four tracks are not from the Ritz set but live tracks available elsewhere.

If you don't have the original Live At The Ritz, this one is worth having.  If you do, then don't bother...



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