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Great White Links


Swimming With The Other Sharks...


The Offishal Site The ex-Offishal website of Great White.   Lots of detail and news, and the message board is readable and very active nowadays...
Official FAN Site Shortdog used to have the Official website, and then the site above ( became the Official site without anyone even telling Shortdog! is now the "Official Fan Website" (I assume to compensate Shortdog and to appease all of us who were pissed off at his treatment).

The "Great Vine" message board on his old website was the place for news and discussion.  Now everyone seems to have moved out...

Some Great features on this website, even if it is a little slow.

FishyTales Click on the Shark to send an email to

If you request to be put on the mailing list, FishyTales sends emails with tourdates and news (a little irregularly!).  The fan club is also administered by FishyTales, ask for details - I am assured it is well worth it!

Shoh's GW Site Shoh's GW Website is a vast, sprawling thing!  There are many pages, loads of detail, and masses of gig details, reviews and set-lists.

The main value of Shoh's page is that, based in Japan, she often posts news from the Japanese press way ahead of even the official sites!

"Hooked On Great White" is another good fan-run website.  Robyn provides some interesting stuff, photos and reviews.  Go take a look.

If you can get beyond the annoying MIDI file played every time you get  there, that is!

Sail-Away's GW Site Sail-Away is recommended by Elle, and Sail-Away's site is very impressive.  It fits an enormous amount of information into a very small space, and is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn about the band.
Shot In The Dark Shot In The Dark - A Great White Story is Chris' site.

Chris (or Shot) certainly has great enthusiasm for Great White and Mark Kendall, so give his site a try!


1987 GW Interview ] Great White Rarities ] [ Great White Links ]

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